James Aitken


Email: ja@casheltravel.com

Marta Kucharczyk


Email: mk@casheltravel.com

Our team
Tatiana De Los Reyes

General Manager

Email: tatiana@casheltravel.com

Kristine Bileskalne

Director of Tiernan Travel

Email: kb@casheltravel.com

Yuva Arumugam

Contracts Manager UK & Ireland

Email: ya@casheltravel.com

Ross Clark

Office Manager

Email: ross@casheltravel.com

Kim Hardiker

Manager, Great British Trips

Email: kh@casheltravel.com

Violeta Dominguez

Sales & Operations Manager

Email: vdg@casheltravel.com

Mercedes Godoy

Senior Business Development & Operations Executive

Email: mg@casheltravel.com

Vibeke Hanssen

MICE Senior Project Manager

Email: vh@casheltravel.com

Nerea Chafer

MICE Senior Project Manager

Email: nc@casheltravel.com

Giulia Iale

MICE Project Manager

Email: gi@casheltravel.com

Maya Swan

Product and Business Development Manager

Email: mh@casheltravel.com

Tina Chakarova

Business Development & Operations Executive

Email: tvc@casheltravel.com

Kate Adkin

Senior Operations Specialist

Email: ka@casheltravel.com

Thayanne Scardini

Senior Operations Executive

Email: ts@casheltravel.com

Joanna McLaughlin

Senior Operations Executive

Email: jm@casheltravel.com

Monika Wojcik

Key Accounts Manager

Email: mw@casheltravel.com

Agnieszka Blaikie

Operations Assistant Manager

Email: ab@casheltravel.com

Ola Oleszak

Business Development & Operations Executive

Email: ao@casheltravel.com

Adi Shipchanova

Business Development & Operations Executive

Email: avs@casheltravel.co

Anna Beziuk

Project Design & Web Development

Email: annab@casheltravel.com

Our sales team
Jesus Aguilar

Funky Company, Mexico

Email: jaguilar@funky-company.com

Donovan Cochrane

Worldview, South Africa

Email: Donovan@worldview.co.za

Raymon Honings

Travelmediate, Benelux

Email: raymon@travelmediate.nl

Andrea Kupper

Travelmediate, France

Email: andrea@travelmediate.fr

Alia Saunders

Travelmediate, UK

Email: alia@travelmediate.co.uk

Ileana R. Rousseau

Travelmediate USA

Email: ileana@travelmediate.com