What is a DMC – Destination Management Company?

A DMC is a Destination Management Company, with extensive local knowledge & expertise that offer services like transportation, tours, activities, conferences, incentives, accommodation, dining, galas, themed events, corporate events and much more.

Destination management is a highly specialised industry with many companies relying on their services to deliver anything from a highly professional image to a rewarding break with fun activities for employees or partners.

DMC’s generally have great buying power in their specialist areas and can deliver packages that are normally unobtainable by the general public.

On occasion you may hear DMC being referred to as a ‘Disaster Management Company” and it is actually very apt. Every event no matter how big or small has to have backups or a plan b, even a plan c in some cases! The planning and attention to detail are almost second to none and can only be provided by a DMC that’s an expert in the area that your event is being hosted or planned.

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