DMC definitions and FAQ’s


What is MICE tourism or MICE travel?

The acronym MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conferencing & exhibitions. It is a niche area of tourism that is focused around the planning and booking of groups for large events, conferences or seminars   >Click here to see more

What is a DMC – Destination Management Company?

A DMC is a company with extensive local knowledge & expertise that offer services like transportation, tours, activities, conferences, incentives, accommodation, dinning, galas, themed events, corporate events and many more  >Click here to see more

What does the term FIT mean?

Here at Cashel Travel the term or acronym FIT stands for Foreign Independent Traveler, but it isn’t necessarily the same in other organisations. Some people or companies refer to it as a Fully Independent Traveler, Frequent Independent Traveler, Free Independent Tourist, Frequent Individual Traveler and we’re sure there are many more  >Click here to see more

What is a Conference?

A conference is a gathering or meeting of several people, usually to discuss a topic. Most of us have heard of a conference call. These can be as few as three people, usually in different places or from different organisations  >Click here to see more

Types of Incentive

These are just some of the most common types of incentive. There are many other types and many other ways that companies seek to reward their employees for their performances and loyalty, but few reward and motivate quite like a Travel Incentive  >Click here to see more